FootSteps® – lead management and marketing automation. Capture, connect and convert online and in-store shoppers.

Let’s say you’re doing everything right and you’re getting more leads than ever before. Now’s the time to handle these leads correctly, and that means engaging the consumer in a conversation. ARI’s FootSteps provides dealers with an electronic means of logging and tracking all in-store customer visits, inbound/outbound sales calls and online leads – providing the ability to better manage the efforts of sales staff for accountability and follow-up.

FootSteps® Features

  • Saves time and increases productivity
    FootSteps automates portions of the sales process to ensure that every lead is taken care of properly and that no lead falls through the cracks. Implementing a regular follow-up program typically results in close rates 30% to 50% higher than average.
  • Nurtures customers and prospects
    Designed to completely automate follow up when the visitor submits an online lead, places a telephone call, fills out an online credit application, schedules a service appointment, or some similar event. Nurturing leads throughout the buying cycle is crucial to the short- and long-term growth of your business.
  • Shortens response time and sales cycle
    FootSteps automates portions of the sales management process and enables actions to be cascaded, assigned, tracked, updated, and reported in one easy-to-use tool.
  •  Increases sales
    All the information your teams need in one place, all the time. Follow up, manage and nurture ALL inquiries from – tradeshows, eMail, phone, walk-ins and more.
  • Delivers a consistent, professional message
    Your sales team will follow up, more efficiently and professionally. FootSteps is a cost-effective tool to communicate with prospects and customers.
  • Improves communications and accountability
    Buyers are willing to build a one-on-one connection when they receive information more pertinent to his or her interests.
  • Builds customer loyalty
    Prospect categorization, template-driven eMail marketing, calendar management, and reminders are among the many FootSteps features designed to foster customer relationships and stay in touch with them.
  • Enhances brand recognition
    “Be there” and top of mind, without ongoing effort on your part to keep prospects engaged when they are not quite ready.

Lead management for your company and theirs:



    “We were frustrated with the number of leads our previous website was generating. In the first 16 weeks after we began using Footsteps, sales increased by 40%, in-store traffic to our showrooms increased by 57%, closing ratio increased 30% and overall percentage of return prospects has risen about 45%!”

    – Texas Marine